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(english) Sinau Asking and giving Agreement

Untuk meminta persetujuan (asking agreement)

Do you agree? (Informal)
Would you agree with...? (formal/with the older people or stranger)

Untuk memberi persetujuan (giving agreement)

That's a good idea.
Well, that’s settled.
Yes, I agree
That’s fine
That’s right
Yes, Rright
You are rightThat’s true
I agree with you
We seem to be saying the same thing. (formal/with the older people or stranger)

Ungkapan persetujuan dan ketidaksetujuan (english) Sinau Asking and giving Agreement
Ungkapan persetujuan dan ketidaksetujuan

Untuk menolak atau menyatakan ketidaksetujuan(disagreement)

That’s not right
That’s not a good idea
Not really
That’s wrong
I disagree
I don’t agree

In the bookstore, you and your friend are discussing, which book that you must buy. The followings are some expressions that you and your friend may say.

Umar  : Come on, I’m confused. Which book must I buy?
Umi    : Don’t be so confused. Do you agree if I choose this book?
Umar  : Of course not. I can’t agree with you. That book is quite expensive.
Umi    : What about this one?
Umar  : No, I disagree with you. That’s not a good book. Some say the author    imitates from another book.

Umi    : I’m so tired. Just help me to choose, I know you’re expert. But give me one          with a reasonable price.

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