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(english) Latihan Soal Present Perfect tense

Setelah di posting lalu penulis memberi sekelumit materi tentang Present Perfect tense, kini saatnya kami memberi latihan soalnya sebagai bahan latihan dan pemantapan. Soal-soal berikut ini paling tidak dapat mengevaluasi pemahaman siswa terhadap materi tersebut.

Setelah di posting lalu penulis memberi sekelumit materi tentang  (english) Latihan Soal Present Perfect tense
Contoh kalimat Present Perfect tense

    I.  Fill the following blanks with the correct past participle verbs(V3)!

1.    I have______________ (make) a delicious cake.
I have made a delicious cake
2.    He has already______________ (wash) his clothes.
3.    The woman hasn’t __________________ (find) yet her car key.
4.    They have_________________ (play) very well in the match.
5.    Dony and Tita have just_________________ (eat) the apples .
6.    We haven’t _______________ (see) such beautiful scenery before.
7.    The cat has______________ (catch) the mouse.
8.    Mother has_______________ (wait) father since morning.
9.    Santoso has______________ (study) English for two hours.
10. You have_______________ (sleep) overnight.

    II. Change the following sentences based on the order!
Example: The man/arrive/at the airport (+).
               The man has arrived at the airport.

1.    The president/fly/to London/since one hour ago (+)
2.    We/ just/ finish making/ a kite (-)
3.    Anita/already/visit/Bali (?)
4.    Roy and Robin/go/ to Pekalongan several times (-)
5.    The cow/drink/the water in the pail (?)
6.    I/choose/ her/ as my wife/since I met her (+)
7.    They/write/their letters for half an hour (-)
8.    The lady/give/the money/to the gentleman (?)
9.    The cars/stop/at the parking lot since 9 a.m. (+)
10. She/dance/for long time (-)

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