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(english) Bahasa Inggris kelas 8: Asking, giving, and responding opinions

Pada kesempatan kali ini penulis ingin sharing materi pembelajaran siswa SMP/MTs mengenai ekspresi. Ekspresi yang mengungkapkan mengenai permintaan pendapat, memberi pendapat dan merespon pendapat tersebut.
Berikut ini merupakan ungkapan atau expression yang digunakan:

Pada kesempatan kali ini penulis ingin sharing materi (english) Bahasa Inggris kelas 8: Asking, giving, and responding opinions
COntoh kalimat yang mengungkapkan pendapat(opini) dalam Bahasa Inggris

Ekspresi yang digunakan untuk meminta pendapat(opinion)

-      What do you think of….?
-      What do you think about …?
-      What’s your opinion of…?
-      What do you feel about…?
-      What can you say about….?
-      How do you feel about…?
-      Do you think….?
-      What’s your idea…?

Ekspresi yang digunakan untuk memberi opini

-      In my opinion…
-      In my view…
-      I think…
-      I believe…
-      I guess…
-      To my mind…
-      What I have in my mind…

Jawaban atau respon atas pendapat yang dilontarkan

-      I think so
-      That’s right
-      It’s true
-      I don’t think so
-      If I may say so,…
-      I disagree
-      I can’t say that

Contoh penggunaan ekspresi di dalam dialog:

1.   Erna:  What do you think of our English teacher?
Almusto: He is smart and teaches us clearly.
Erna : That’s right

2.   Ari : What is your opinion of smoking?
Ahdi : I think Smoking is not good for our health.
Ari : I think so.

3.   Hani : Do you think it will rain today?
Aryoso: I guess it is going to rain today because the sky is cloudy.
Hani: I don’t think so, The sun still shines.

4.   Paul: how do you feel about the 2014 election?
Likha: I believe that there’ll be many “golput”. Many people don’t                trust   the leaders in this country anymore. They have corrupted. 
                  Paul: I disagree. As a good citizen we must choose our leader. 


Mr. Amir
Look, everybody. I have a new English book. What do you think about it?

In my opinion, it is such an expensive book.

Mr. Amir
Very good. How about you Gani?

Well, I think it’s OK. I like that. It’s not thick and no expensive.

Mr. Amir
Good. Anybody has another opinion?

Yes, I have. My opinion is that the book is too thick.

Mr. Amir
Good. All your answers are correct. Do you understand, students?

Yes, sir.

Mr. Amir
Great. You’re really smart.

Thank you.

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