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Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas Ix Kepingan I (Congratulations)

Setelah googling di Google, penulis tidak menemukan contoh ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX untuk Chapter I (Congratulations) untuk bahan “Hope and Wishes” dan Congratulation. Tak ada file atau postingan yang sanggup dijadikan teladan atau tumpuan untuk menyusun soal ulangan, oleh alasannya yaitu itu penulis berinisiatif untuk menyusun soal sendiri dan penulis share di blog penulis. Semoga apa yang penulis posting ini banyak dicari dan diharapkan oleh siapa saja entah murid maupun guru atau orang bau tanah wali murid yang browsing dan searching bahan ini untuk persiapan Ulangan Harian. Semoga sukses. Berikut contoh soalnya:

ulangan Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX untuk Chapter I Ulangan Harian Bahasa Inggris Kelas IX Bab I (Congratulations)
Chapter I Kelas IX Kurtilas

Complete the following dialogues with your own words and sentences based on the situation given!

Doni has just received a present of a new bycicle from his father for he got the first rank in his class. Tina,his close friend congratulates him.
Doni: Alhamdulillah, this year I get rank one again, Tini.
Tini: ___________________________________________________________

Rani will take part in the English speech competition in Semarang next month. She meets with his uncle and they have a conversation. She tells to him. His uncle hopes she will win it.
Rani: Uncle Jon, Next month, I am going to participate in the English speech competition in semarang.
Jono: ___________________________________________________________

Your father got a promotion on his position in his office. He is very happy and tell this to his only daughter, Sania. She congratulates him and hopes he will be better to work.
Father: Thanks God, finally I become a Manager in the company.
Sania: I am happy to hear that, Dad.

Fayyadh has just made a plane miniature from woods. Shidqi praises him for it and he hopes his friend, Fayyadh to win in the national exibition next month.
Fayyadh: Thanks Shidqi. I hope so too.

Rizka has finished practising dancing in the classroom. Her teacher, Mrs. Tuti praises her for a beautiful dance performed by her. She chooses her to represent her school in the dancing competition.
Mrs. Tuti: ________________________________________________________
Rizka: Thank you, Ma’am.
Mrs Tuti: I hope you will represent our school for the next dancing competition in Batang.
Rizka: ___________________________________________________________


Answer the following question based on the dialogue!

Arman: Dod, I heard that your uncle got accident yesterday, didn’t he?

Dodi: Yes, he did. When he was crossing the pavement, a can suddenly hit him and he fell down unconciously.

Arman: I’m sorry to hear that. What happened next?

Dodi: Many people rush to help him. An ambulance then came by and took him to the hospital. He has been cared in the hospital, now.

Arman: I hope your uncle get well soon.

Dodi: I hope so. Ameen.

Arman: Will you accompany me to the hospital to see your uncle?

Dodi: Of course. Let’s go there.


Who got the accident?

How did he get the accident

Was Dodi’s uncle concious after the accident happened?

Did the people around came by and helped him?

Who is Arman? And Why do he want to see and visit Dodi’s uncle?

Did Arman feel happy or sad to hear the accident?

What did he say to pray for Dodi’s uncle?

Did he visit Dodi’s uncle then?

Read the text

Dea has just got a scholarship from the government to continue her study in a favourite senior high school in her city. He got the best score for the tamat examination in her Province. Her parents are proud of her. So, are her friends and teachers at school. Dimas, her classmate comes to her to congratulates her. He hopes that she will keep her achievement in senior high school she chooses. With her fame and many praises, she is still humble to everyone. So, many people like her.

State True (T) or False (F) based on the text above!

Dea is an arrogant student.

She got a gift from the government.

She got the best score in her tamat examination.

She has graduated and wants to continue her study.

Dimas is only her friend who congratulates her.

Her mother and father likes to hear the news about Dea to get a scholarship.

Her teachers are not proud to her.

She is a smart student.

Dimas hopes her to keep her achievements in the next school.

She is the best student in the regency level.

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