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(english) Welcome in the term 2014/2015

In the term of 2014/2015, I am offered by the headmaster of MTs Walisongo to teach English for the eighth and the ninth grade students. It is a challenging task I think. The seventh grade is taught by Miss Tuti.

 to teach English for the eighth and the ninth grade students (english) Welcome in the term 2014/2015
Bahasa Inggris SMP MTs 
The eighth and the ninth still use the KTSP curriculum but the seventh grade use a new curriculum named “Kurikulum 2013” or the 2013 curriculum launched lately by the ministry of Education affair.

I don’t need to adapt to the new curriculum, but Miss Tuti does. For the next one year I can still teach with the old curriculum, then I need to learn the new one because the seventh will move to the eighth. Well, there is no anxiety for me. Miss Tuti needs to learn more before teaching. I hope she can pass the challenges.

This term makes me so curious that I can join to MGMP Bahasa Inggris MTs again. This forum really gives me many advantages in supporting and giving me more information, knowledge and of course friends.

At last, I would like to say “ thanks Allah” having given me valuable chances for sharpening my English, I hope I could give contribution for my students and others. Amin. Salam. The writer.

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