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Asking And Giving Attention

Asking and giving attention
Asking attention/Meminta perhatian ialah ungkapan yang dipakai untuk meminta perhatian dari seseorang. Giving attention/Memberi Perhatian ialah ungkapan yang dipakai untuk memperlihatkan perhatian/respon.

Asking for attention
1. May I have your attention
2. Can I get the attention
3. Excuse me
4. Attention please!
5. Listen to me
Giving Attention
1. Yes Sir/Ma’am
2. Ok
3. I see
4. Really
5. All right

 ialah ungkapan yang dipakai untuk meminta perhatian dari seseorang Asking and Giving Attention
The instructor give an explanation to the participants

Contoh Dialogue:
Read and practise the following dialogue then answer the questions
Mrs. Susi
: Don’t be noisy.  Attention  please!
: Yes, Ma’am
Mrs. Susi
: Okay, next week we  will do mid-examination.
: What !
Mrs. Susi
: Listen to me!
: Yes, Ma’am
Mrs. Susi
: The material that should be learned is from Chapter 1 until chapter 4.  Don’t forget to enrich you vocabularies with exercise!
: Yes Ma’am
Mrs. Susi
: Okay, that’s all  for today. Good luck then!

1. How many person are there in the dialogue? Who are they?
2. What does the teacher tell to the students?
3. What does the teacher say to get the attention?
4. When will the students have a mid-exams?
5. What material should be learned by the students?

Rearrange the dialogue into a good one!
: Yes, Ma’am
: Everybody, may I have your attention, please?
: We will use English in our class. Do you understand me, Siti What did I say?
: Yes, Ma’am, We will use English in our English class.
: Good morning, students
: Listen to my explanation
: Good morning, Ma’a,
: Everybody, are you  ready to learn English now?
: Yes, Ma’am

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