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A Sad Story; Menikah 2 Hari Satu Malam

The true story of my life:
"The two days one night marriage"

Episode One

 I was a teacher of an Elementary school in my village A sad story;  Menikah 2 hari satu malam
Jalan menuju Desa Durenombo

My name’s Mustofa. I was twenty seven years old. I lived in Siberuk Village, Tulis Subdistrict. I was a teacher of an Elementary school in my village. Firstly, I knew Maryam, her complete name’s Siti Maryam from a mobile phone. She was my sister’s friend, Nafisah. My sister was her classmate at MTs N Subah. They knew each other very well. Maryam lived in an isolated village called Durenombo, Subah Subdistrict.

I knew Maryam because she often phoned my sister. There was only on handphone in my family at that time. The only me who had handphone. When other people wanted to communicate with my family, They could called me. I often picked up the phone from Maryam. She wanted to talk to Nafisah actually. From this habit, I began to know her. I often made some jokes before I give the phone to my sister. The jokes led us to a love story. I didn’t believe that she expressed her feelings of love to me. This made me prove whether she lied to me or not. Surprisingly she said yes when I came into her house to confirm it.

The story of love began. From the time on, we commit one another like other young men or women do. In this period we tried to know our own personalities. I remember once, it was Idul Fitri 2009. Yeah, that was the first time I went together with her. In Maryam’s family, her father was very strict. He didn’t let an unmarried couple went side by side. In Idul Fitri’s atmosphere, he was not suspicious because he thought that his daughter went around for silaturahmi. I was so tricky to take this advantageous condition to take her outside. It’s different with Maryam’s elder brother, named Parudin, Who had live with his own family, he permitted me to go with his sister, Maryam. We went for all day until afternoon. Mr. Sugeng, Maryam’s father was so angry to know this. From then on, She was not permitted to go out anymore. He was a village figure respected by the people in his village. He didn’t want his daughter went with anyone who had not been married. He was very careful with his daughter. He didn’t want the people in the village said bad things to her and also his family.

Day after day, as time goes by, our deep love couldn’t be blocked any longer. We often talked on the phone to know our news. When She returned to a boarding school (Pondok Pesantren),  I couldn’t communicate by phone, because it was forbidden to bring hadphone . It led me to visit her site in Limpung Batang. It had been long time for us to commit this love relationship. Finally, I decided to engage her. She’s then formally my fiancee. The engagement was exactly a week after my sister’s marriage. Mr. Sugeng allowed me to go with his daugter as we had been engaged. He advised us not to go very often to avoid unwanted things happened as we hadn’t got married yet. Then I went with her once in two weeks. Our best places to visit were: Ujung Negoro Beach,  Pagilaran Tea Garden, Pasir Kencana and Wonobodro. Those places, we made happy memories together. In this relationship, we sometimes quarreled each other, sadness and happiness often coloured it. Still, we kept our commitment.

It had been about one and a half year we kept our love relationship. It finally led to our happy marriage we dreamed off. I married her on March 19, 2011. At the beginning, the marriage process ran smoothly. The strange things then happened. My wife showed her unusual behaviour to me. She refused me to take picture with. The photographer was confused why we She did such thing. In this happy moment, she had to be very happy and was welcomed with her husband. Another unusual moment was, when we did the javanese tradition of throwing betel leaves (lempar dauh sirih). She had no spirit to throw it onto me. We threw it one another. I Succeded to do it but She failed. From this happening, I felt there would be something bad to happen. Again, I was a little angry with her. She didn’t want in the same room with me when we had to change our costumes. In fact I was her husband, Why should she be shy? Weren’t we couple? The people around were confused with Maryam’s strange behaviour.

To be continued to Episode Two ...

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