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Tes Online Tag Question

Latihan soal Tag Question
Petunjuk: Silahkan anda pilih balasan yang paling tepat!

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Soal Bahasa Inggris untuk Sekolah Menengah Pertama MTs

1. She is a doctor, ...?
is she
isn't she
are they
aren't you

2. They were not sad, ...?
weren't they
are they
were they
Aren't they

3. Father reads a newspaper everyday, ...?
is he
was he
do he
doesn't he

4. We don't work all day, ...?
do we
don't we
does we
doesn't we

5. Aunt Titis ate banana yesterday,...?
did she
didn't she
doesn't she
wasn't she

6. The planes didn't fall on the sea,...?
didn't they
didn't it
did they
did it?

7. I have already made the homework, ...?
have I
haven't I
Do I
don't I

8. The cat hasn't eaten the fish, ...?
has it
hasn't it
haven't it
have it

9. You must wear the uniform, ...?
do you
can you
musn't you
must you?

10. Tina cannot answer the questions correctly,...?
couldn't she
can she
could she
can she

Good luck!

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